My qualifications include

  • a translator’s certificate which is state-recognized,
  • studies of German and English literature
  • a half-year term in Newcastle upon Tyne,
  • additional classes in Business English, und
  • an apprenticeship as industrial clerk.


The texts I translate include

  • websites
  • essays and treatises
  • company brochures
  • product information sheets
  • questionnaires
  • press articles
  • poetry


My fields of specialisation are

  • tourism and travel
  • business and commerce
  • social sciences
  • literature


I have  proofreading experience with

  • theses
  • several editions of a literature magazine


The tools

  • In order to guarantee consistency in terms, I  use Trados 6.5, a Translation Memory Tool.
  • In addition to this I use most up-to-date dictionaries and internet resources.


The difference

  • Dedication to translation and a passion for languages
    A good translation sounds like an original.
  • Commitment
    When you assign a job to me, this job gets highest priority. I will work evenings and weeksends without extra charge in order to finish this job within the agreed time and withtout loss of quality.
  • Time
    For a good translation you need time. After all you do not want just a string of words but also proper words used in certain contexts and finally the right sound.
    If you have a job which I cannot finish alone until your desired delivery day, I will ask some colleagues to join me in order to stay within the deadline and at the same time meet the quality requirements.